research associate (lab manager)

We are looking for a research associate (lab manager) to run experiments in the cultured meat field in the Schlesinger lab
Job description:
• Experiments with design and execution
• Tissue culture and molecular biology
• Collaboration with industry/biotech companies
• Supporting and guiding students and workers.
• Writing reports, summarizing and presenting results
• Time requirement: 100%
• 2nd degree in life sciences
• Experience with:
o Tissue culture work
o Team Management
Nice to have-
o Work experience in the food-tech or alternative proteins field
o Ph.D. an advantage

About the Job: in an academic setting, a young and vibrant lab at the Faculty of Agriculture of the Hebrew University, Rehovot. We work on stem cells and are currently focused on using the tools we developed to develop and optimize their use for cultured meat production. It’s a stable but invigorating position, so we need someone that will be nice, independent, motivated, and a team worker.
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