North Star Camp

North Star Camp - Cabin Counselor / Activity Instructor

North Star Camp – Cabin Counselor / Activity Instructor

Who We Are

North Star Camp is a residential boys summer camp located in Hayward, Wisconsin. Every summer, approximately 300 campers come to the shores of Spider Lake to make new friends, learn new skills, grow as individuals and make memories that last a lifetime. Our incredible staff come from all over the world to create a nurturing and fun environment. We are actively hiring great role models who are energetic, collaborative and hard working to join the team for this summer. Ready to make a difference and have the best summer of your life? We’d love to have you apply!

The Role In A Nutshell

We’re looking for Cabin Counselors to live in a bunk and work collaboratively with 1-3 co-counselors, serving as mentors for approximately 8-12 campers. Our Cabin Counselors also serve as Activity Instructors, leading program instruction throughout the day. This role starts June 7 and runs through August 11, with the potential to continue through late August or early September.

A Typical Day (even though there’s no such thing as a typical day at camp…)

  • Wake up your cabin and get them ready for a day filled with fun and adventure
  • Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with your campers and co-counselors
  • Oversee cabin cleanup and ensure campers keep their area tidy — oh, and remind them to shower and brush their teeth too
  • Lead and/or assist activities during program periods, always keeping safety in mind
  • Prepare for and participate in evening programs (campfires, skit shows, capture the flag)
  • Provide comfort to a homesick camper who is looking for a trustworthy adult
  • Tell age appropriate bedtime stories to your campers to wind down after a fun-filled day
  • Hang out with other staff members by the fire or play some late night pickup basketball

This Job Might Be For You If:

  • You’re a good role model. The role of camp counselor is a hybrid of being a big brother and a parent. You’ll always need to model exemplary behavior while also creating a safe and inclusive environment.
  • You’re responsible. Whether it’s showing up to your activity area on time and providing enthusiastic instruction or ensuring the campers are using proper equipment at all times, the emotional and physical wellbeing of our campers is of utmost importance.
  • You’re a great listener. Campers will confide in counselors when there’s an issue with the cabin. You’ll need to hear all sides of the story and help resolve the conflict so it doesn’t pop up again. It’s not always what you hear with your ears though — you’ll need to pick up on nonverbal cues and body language to uncover issues that may be bubbling up beneath the surface.  
  • You enjoy providing support and positive reinforcement. Campers are often away from home for the first time and can find themselves out of their comfort zone. Whether it’s reminding a camper to put on sunscreen or helping a scared camper overcome his fears on the climbing wall, you’re always willing to offer a helping hand.
    • You’re an excellent communicator and team player. You’ll live in a cabin with 1-3 co-counselors and will directly report to a village director. Making sure everyone is on the same page is crucial to providing a positive camp experience for all the campers in your cabin.
  • You’re calm under pressure. Things move a mile a minute at camp. When a problem arises, you’ll need to be cool under pressure and spring into action to help solve it safely and efficiently.
  • You’re open to feedback. Working with kids can be challenging, whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned veteran. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it – our leadership team has worked in the camping industry for years and is happy to support you.
  • You’re willing to share your hidden talents with camp. Can you jump rope while balancing a cup of water on your head as you sing “Wagon Wheel” with perfect pitch? Know how to play the ukulele and harmonica? Campers love to see our staff members’ hidden talents and we’d love to see yours too!

Perks Of The Job

  • A competitive salary
  • Room and board (3 meals a day and snacks at night) for the entire summer
  • Travel expense reimbursement
  • A beautiful camp surrounded by a stunning waterfront
  • New friendships and memories that will last a lifetime
  • All the s’mores you can imagine

Activity Areas We Hire For

  • Athletics: Basketball – Boxing – Disc Golf – Fitness Training – Football – Golf – Hockey – Pickleball – Soccer – Softball – Tennis – Ultimate Frisbee
  • Watersports: Fishing – Sailing – Swimming – Waterskiing – Wakeboarding – Windsurfing
  • Outdoor Adventure: Archery – Biking – Canoeing – Camping Skills – Riflery – Rock Climbing
  • Creative Arts: Arts & Crafts – Ceramics – Guitar – Model Rocketry

Essential Functions Needed For This Role

  • Ability to lift 50 pounds
  • Ability to be on your feet for extended periods of time
  • Additional tasks and duties as assigned

Interested in Applying?

Great! We’d love to hear from you. Learn more on our website and submit an application.


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