Marketing & events coordinator

1. Job description:
Webz.io is looking for a Marketing & events coordinator to join our Marketing team
Webz.io mission is to provide easy access to high-quality web content to companies who
wish to focus on data analysis and not data collection.
We work to provide access to the biggest data repositories in each vertical we serve, and we
take pride in our ability to quickly take care of our clients, and fulfil their data requirements.

Responsibilities: (Measure roles and responsibilities – up to 5 lines)
● Manage trade show logistics: Secure boot space, manage budgets, and oversee
pre-show preparations like booth design and marketing materials.
● Generate pre-show leads: Develop targeted marketing campaigns to drive awareness
and capture qualified leads before the event.
● Brief for the trade show: Brief booth staff on lead qualification, product
demonstrations, and lead capture using a CRM system.
● Nurture post-show leads: Implement follow-up strategies, analyse data, and prepare
reports to measure success and identify improvements.
● Collaborate and learn: Work effectively across teams, stay updated on industry
trends, and demonstrate initiative and a strong desire to learn.

Requirements: (up to 5 lines)
● Strong work ethic and eagerness to learn, with the ability to show a willingness to
put in the effort and gain experience in marketing.
● Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
● Familiarity with marketing concepts like target audience, lead generation, and brand
● Bonus: experience planning or assisting with the planning and executing events
(weddings, parties, etc.)

What we offer:
● Our offices are a workplace that encourages an open culture. Everyone is a hands-on
contributor and feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions. we do what we love,
and we love what we do
● Excellent conditions of employment and competitive salary
● Dynamic, fun working environment
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