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ioTech is looking for an Applications Engineer

Application Engineer

Would you like to be part of a team developing cutting-edge manufacturing methods in the field of electronics?

ioTech is growing, and we’re looking for an Applications Engineer on the subject matter of printing and 3D printing to join our team!

ioTech is developing a unique disruptive multi-material additive manufacturing technology that can process almost any industry certified material at high resolution and high speed.

The position is in the company’s office/lab in Modiin, Israel (no option for hybrid)

Job Description:  The opening relates to R&D activity of functional printing using laser-based techniques. Ability to translate market and customer needs to process, research printing conditions for new materials, develop process for new applications and develop process standards. Performing demos and acceptance tests for customers. Create and present technical reports to the customers.


Experience/understanding in the following areas is essential:

  • Degree in Physics, engineering
  • Experience in design of experiments
  • Working on multidisciplinary industrial machines

General Requirements:

  • Enjoy working in a team environment, will be a team player.
  • Hands on – daily work on the machine
  • Execute and achieve process improvement objectives.
  • Lead equipment, calibrations, and process improvement projects
  • Fully resolve complex issues by applying engineering skills and experience.
  • Provide fact-driven root cause analysis.

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סימנס תוכנה

Graduate Rotation Engineer (DFT Training Program)


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האוניברסיטה העברית

ראש יחידת החשמל- אב"ת, קמפוס עין כרם


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קול קורא להגשת מועמדות למשרת מוסמך.ת בכיר.ה מתודולוגיות הגנת סייבר במילוי מקום


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הצטרפו לניוזלטר שלנו

קבלו ישירות למייל משרות חדשות, עדכונים על אירועים וסדנאות, טיפים מעולם הקריירה ועוד.

בקשה לתיאום פגישת ייעוץ קריירה

  • פגישות בזום או פרונטלית
  • אורך פגישת הייעוץ כשעה
  • הפגישות בעלות סמלית לסטודנטים/יות ובוגרים/ות
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