CERN Technical Studentship!

CERN have opened the new round of applications for the Technical Student Programme at the beginning of the month! Join us at CERN for an internship.

The deadline to apply is July 31st, selection committee takes place in October 2023 and the soonest start date could be December 2023/January 2024.

Students have to have completed at least 18 months of full-time undergraduate studies by October 2023, be nationals of one of our Member/Associate Member States, and remain full-time students during the whole internship. All the criteria are also stated in the job vacancies.

Links to apply for the different internships:

For students that want to go for PhD studies after Master’s we have a Doctoral Student Programme.

We also offer Science for Ukraine: training and work opportunities for Ukrainian nationals.

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משרות קשורות

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TASC Consulting & Capital (תאסק ייעוץ אסטרטגי-עסקי)

Data Product Specialit-TASC


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TASC Consulting & Capital (תאסק ייעוץ אסטרטגי-עסקי)



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TASC Consulting & Capital (תאסק ייעוץ אסטרטגי-עסקי)

CX Consultant-TASC


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