Business Operations Coordinator

We are seeking a Business Operations Coordinator who would be responsible for day-to-day operations, ensuring all business needs are met while working with all departments to ensure smooth and seamless execution of ongoing activities and tasks. The coordinator would be responsible for maintaining the office operation, supporting Hapoel’s CEO, staff and players as they perform […]

Data and Technology Manager

We are seeking a Data and Technology Manager who would manage Hapoel’s tech stack and lead the data analytics lifecycle, including business system administration, data acquisition, data hygiene and completeness, reporting, predictive analytics, and business application. Additionally, the role will proactively find areas of opportunity to streamline internal processes, develop automation, and build scalable data […]

Marketing Director

We are seeking an experienced and data-driven marketing director who would drive the strategic vision, creative direction, and execution plan for Hapoel Jerusalem. This role requires a strong creative mind that can lead cross-functional teams to implement the vision. Extensive experience building brands, identifying new audiences, building customer brand loyalty, and evaluating creativity are critical […]

Sales and Fan Success Account Manager

We are seeking an experienced and dynamic sales and fan success account manager to join our team. As a member of the Hapoel Ticket Sales Team, you are responsible for the sales and service of Hapoel Jerusalem ticket products that include season tickets, single game tickets, and group ticket packages. The sales account manager would […]

Head of Ticket Sales and Fan Success

We are seeking an experienced and qualified Head of Ticket Sales and Fan Success with the focus of generating and increasing the number of full season, partial season, single game, and group ticket sales. This individual will also oversee all merchandise sales for Hapoel Jerusalem. Our ideal candidate has in-depth knowledge of the ticket sales […]

Head of Sponsorships and Brand Partnerships

We are seeking an experienced and dynamic Head of Sponsorships and Brand Partnerships to join our team and lead the sponsorship revenue generation efforts and brand collaboration initiatives across our multiple physical and digital assets. As the Head of Sponsorships and Brand Partnerships, you will play a pivotal role in driving partnerships with brands and […]

Community Relationship Manager

We are seeking a Community Relationship Manager who would be a key interface between Hapoel, its fans, partners, and key external stakeholders, specifically community organizations such as schools, hospitals, non-profits, and youth organizations. This individual will be responsible for creating, building, and managing internal and external programs that embrace our role as stewards within the […]

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